Android Application Development

Mobile has reinvented the IT Solutions, transforming a single pathway into a multi-channel experience. Goodwill Solutions have the catalyst to enable a mobile development with applications that are tailored to meet ever increasing mobile devices needs.

The reality of the mobile application development is evolving—and to keep pace in today’s high-velocity digital economy, our company’s mobile application development strategy allows for seamless enterprise data system integration, rapid development that maximizes time to value.

We’ve channeled our extensive mobility expertise into creating a robust Android applications. You’ve heard the saying “quality over quantity”—and we couldn’t agree more. Goodwill Solutions Android application development team is responsive and capable with strong technical foundation which are used to build and deploy a variety of solutions tailored to people,industry and business.

Key points in developing Android applications are:

  • Identify and compare technologies that enable the development of applications for Android mobile devices.
  • Assess different approaches to data management and persistence.
  • Make use of existing application and system level frameworks and development stacks.
  • Use an object-oriented language and reuse libraries to develop applications for mobile devices.
  • Develop applications for mobile applications that take into account application architecture, client application requirements as well as performance and security considerations.
  • Use various Development tools as alternatives to the traditional explicit multi-threaded model.
  • Increased frequency of change.
  • Higher level of innovation compared to the market